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Ukraine expects a new wave of military threat from Russia

Украину ждет новая волна военной угрозы со стороны РоссииRussia never stops in his attempts to conquer the Ukraine.

Russia continues to implement strategic plans in respect of Ukraine. In particular, the Kremlin is stepping up on the borders shock military groups.

This opinion was expressed by a military expert Konstantin Mashovets in his article for the publication “Focus”.

“Belarus has already gone supposedly to train 5000” atamatov “instead of” scheduled “3000, which is not be alerted,” he said. The expert noted that now in Belarus there are more than 23 000 Russian soldiers.

Also alarming is the fact that Russia is involved 4126 railway wagons for the transport of troops, although in previous years it was 50-125 cars in General. For comparison: in 2015 the Russians took 125 cars, and in 2016 even less – 50. Where, who, what, and most importantly – why Putin is going to take? – says Mashovets.

In addition, the Russian-Ukrainian border continues the formation of three mechanized infantry divisions and at least five separate armored and mechanized infantry brigades. “It was a shock of connection.

“In Crimea, the frantic Colonel of the KGB of the USSR decided poterebit your nuclear it – it actively restores the storage and the storage of nuclear weapons (object” Theodosius-13 “), ” – said the military expert.

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