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Ukraine entered the top three world exporters of honey

Украина вошла в тройку мировых экспортеров медаIn monetary terms, Ukraine is among the top three leaders in the export of honey misses.

Ukraine’s share in total exports of honey in 2017 is 10%.

This was written by the national consultant, Food and agriculture organization (FAO) Anna Burke on his Facebook page.

“The volume of world trade in honey during the last five years grew by 18%, reaching in 2017 690,3 thousand tons with a total value of $2.4 billion. China is the undisputed leader among the world exporters of honey with a specific weight in total exports is 19%. With a substantial lead over China should Argentina and Ukraine, with almost equal share – 10%”, – stated in the message.

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Украина вошла в тройку мировых экспортеров меда

In monetary terms, Ukraine on this indicator in the first of three misses, since the price of exported by the country the product is low of 1.98 $/kg. At the same time, Argentina is 2.6 $/kg Brazil is 4.5 $/kg, Germany is 5.8 $/kg, Bulgaria – 3,6 $/kg.

“In Ukraine, almost all the export volume in bulk (wholesale). While Ukraine competes in the price segment with China, Vietnam, Argentina, India,” the report says.

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Most of the honey imported into the European Union and the United States.

Украина вошла в тройку мировых экспортеров меда

Recall that in 2017 Ukraine increased exports of honey by 18.9%, or 10.8 thousand tonnes to 67.8 thousand tons in comparison with the year 2016.

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