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Ukraine entered the top-3 countries, importing second-hand

Украина вошла в топ-3 стран, импортирующих секонд-хендFirst and second place took Pakistan and Malaysia.

More than 54 percent of imports of finished consumer goods are goods second-hand.

“Ukraine last year ranked third in the world in terms of import of second-hand, ahead of only Pakistan and Malaysia, and after us in the top ten are Russia, Cameroon, Guatemala, Kenya, India, Tunisia,” – said the President-Chairman of the Board of the Association of light industry enterprises “Ukrlegprom” Tatiana Izov.

She noted that the population of Ukraine is now really impoverished, however, noting that the issue of second-hand exist more than a dozen years. While its security is controlled by no one, moreover, under the guise of second-hand quite often imported new things. All this creates a non-competitive advantages for importers compared to domestic producers.

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