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Ukraine banned the import of three more books from Russia

Украина запретила ввоз еще трех книг из РоссииThe state Committee refused to issue permits for the importation into Ukraine of three Russian books.

State Committee for television and radio broadcasting refused to issue permits for the importation into Ukraine from the territory of Russia three more publications that contain material “advocating the state-an aggressor”.

In particular, the Chairman of the state Committee Oleg Nalivaiko signed the order about granting the waiver, OOO “AKABU TRADE” and “Force” in issuing permits for the importation of three books, which are made in Russia. So, the waiver was granted on the basis of a negative conclusion of the expert Council of the Committee on analysis and evaluation of publishing products on the belonging to be that is not allowed for distribution on the territory of Ukraine.

The experts recognized that the books of Sergei Vasiliev, “On the fault two times” (publisher: OOO “Alpina pablisher”, Moscow), Tim Skorenko “Invented in Russia: History of Russian creative thoughts from Peter I to Nicholas II” (publisher: OOO “Alpina non-fiction”, Moscow) and Alexey Volkov, “the steps of the Commander” (publisher: LLC “Publishing house “E”, Moscow) contain content promoting the state-an aggressor, the Imperial geopolitical doctrines that promote the integration of peoples around the aggressor state, its state language, culture, the dominant religious denominations, the message reads.

It is noted that the native of the Ukrainian Gorlovka, ex-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rambler Sergei Vasiliev in his notes writes disparagingly on the state sovereignty of Ukraine and the Ukrainian symbolism, calling Ukraine the second grade.

“The book “Steps Commander” Alexei Volkov, who calls himself both a visionary and historian, written in 2018. And even though the author seemingly describes events of the seventeenth century, it is imbued with the ideas of “Russian world” and the stylistics of Putin’s propaganda if it’s about Ukraine, make sure the “Bandera” (the Church !) if about the Black sea, then it must be internal because “Crimea-our”, Tatars are not the people with whom we have to negotiate,” and Jews in General, entry to Russia is forbidden… And dozens of maxims, which humiliated other Nations and peoples dominated by the power of the Empire,” – noted in the state Committee.

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