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Ukraine and the coronavirus: “Bestial area” for those who are more equal than others

Украина и коронавирус: «Скотский уголок» для тех, кто равнее

Of course, you remember that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. George Orwell, “Animal farm” or in other translations “animal Farm”, “Farm animal”, “Scotopelia”, but for some reason I prefer the option of “Bestial area”.

So, our Ukrainian bestial area was visited by the epidemic of the coronavirus, and the cattle that are more equal than others, sad. Previously, it was actually do not care where and are treated as normal animals, which they remember and something they promise when they turn in the electorate. And now the borders are closed, not only inside but also outside, in clinics of all sorts of Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Israel no one is waiting, there are enough problems, serious problems. It would be logical if now those who are more equal than others, would have felt all the delights of the reformed Ukrainian medicine turned, if, in the regular clinic at the place of residence to a regular therapist with a poor salary, I would be standing in line brought with them alcohol, cotton wool and gloves to donate blood and partake of other delights on the Constitution is free, but such expensive health care.

But it did not happen. Don’t want sverkhnovye cattle to be on the same level with other cattle. Based on the list is unavailable to the uninitiated of documents marked “for official use”, the Department of health of Kyiv city state administration has sent medical institutions of the city order on the special treatment of “special patients.”

In a particular Department list of 17 medical institutions, among which Alexander hospital, children’s clinical hospital №7 Kyiv city and a center for pediatric neurosurgery.

Among the main requirements – the individual isolated from other areas of the house area not less than 13 square metres with shaded Windows. Chamber must have the good communications with the operating unit, diagnostic and other departments. Also provided by the presence of a separate reserve of medicines and deploying again-hour private nursing posts in the above houses, or near them.

Hospitals also ordered a separate operating reserve and to provide them with the necessary medicines, medical tools and equipment.

Special requirements of the Department relate to professional composition of medical teams for VIP patients. They should be four people – a doctor, two paramedics and a driver. They should have experience in the institutions of emergency medical care for at least 5 years. If none is found, the brigade should be formed from the “best qualified medical professionals”.
The circle of people who will use the VIP mode in the order defined as “persons subject to state protection”.

What is this face?

They are listed in the law “On state protection of state authorities of Ukraine and officials”.

This President and members of his family living with him or accompanying, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prime Minister, the President of the constitutional court, the Supreme court President, 1 St Vice-Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, the 1st Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of foreign Affairs, the Prosecutor General and members of their families.

But that’s not all.

Further quote from the same law:

“Article 7. Security of other persons

The state protection is carried out by foreign heads of States, parliaments and governments and members of their families, foreign Ministers, heads of international organizations (and other officials of international organizations) coming to Ukraine or within its territory as part of the official delegations or visiting Ukraine at the invitation of state authorities. The list of officials of international organizations, in respect of which the state security, is determined by the President of Ukraine.

State protection in the event of a threat to life or health may be exercised in respect of people’s deputies of Ukraine, members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, heads of Central Executive authorities who are not members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, judges of the constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Supreme Court, Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (the last two posts in Ukraine there are only virtual, – MK).

The decision on whether state protection in respect of persons specified in part three of this article, the President of Ukraine upon recommendation of the officials authorized to act on behalf of the relevant state authorities, or on recommendation of the Head of the state guard of Ukraine”.

The epidemic is a clear threat to the health and even life, so it is unlikely that those who are more equal than others, will get, for example, in a ward where they treat insultion, hospital No. 4 in Sumy, a photo which Facebook has published a local resident Igor Samerna in the middle of last year.

Украина и коронавирус: «Скотский уголок» для тех, кто равнее

What a pity! Oh, what a pity!

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