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Ufologists have shown another building built by aliens

Уфологи показали еще одно здание, построенное инопланетянамиConspiracy theorists found on Ceres something similar on the wall.

Recently the dwarf planet Ceres, located between Mars and Jupiter, focused attention. Recently, ufologists, considered images NASA, found there a wall which is supposedly built by aliens millions of years ago.

After research in the astrophysical community, the idea of the possibility of creating a space base on Ceres, pictures of the planet’s surface came under close study as representatives of traditional science, and apologists for alien theories. The latter, as time and discovered on Ceres something similar on the wall.

According to ufologists, the wall next to the crater means that once this place was a settlement of intelligent beings. It is possible that the natives of Ceres. This hypothesis has the right to life, as it is not known what climatic conditions existed on the planet many years ago. Now Ceres is interesting because ice cover means the presence of water, which is the basis of biological life.

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