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Ufologists have noticed ISS “scouts” from the planet Nibiru

Уфологи заметили у МКС «разведчиков» с планеты Нибиру Aliens prefer to go into exploration groups.

UFO spotted near the International space station, about ten ships, which can be scouts from the planet Nibiru.

Conspiracy theorists believe that mysterious alien ships are almost on the same orbit with the ISS, but do not display any signs of movement. Scientists from trying to find a logical explanation, but ufologists already have an opinion.

So, specialists ufologists believe that guests from Nibiru tried to establish a contact with people, but official sources have decided not to mention it. It is expected that representatives of the aliens deliberately watched the ISS and the Ground to collect as much data about us. For such a “rendezvous” aliens especially traveling in groups.

Even the views of the conspiracy were divided, as some do not believe that the aliens are planning to attack the earthlings. Part of the ufologists are convinced that the messengers Nibiru have good intentions.

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