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Ufologists have made another “sensational” discovery

Уфологи сделали очередное "сенсационное" открытиеOn Saturn’s moon discovered the wreckage of the alien ship.

Experts in the field of the paranormal has always closely followed the work of the National office for Aeronautics and space USA.

Especially they are interested in photos taken in space by NASA, as well as a live video feed from the International space station. This time in the shadow of the ice cliffs of Saturn’s moon UFO found an object of artificial origin.

The images were posted online with commentary. However, polzavatelyami, far from the hype about all sorts of paranormal phenomena, it is very difficult to compare something dark, imprinted on the pictures with the spacecraft of the aliens.

Skeptics accused ufologists in the hype of nowhere, when the game of shadows, seems to them, a UFO, dead alien.

Уфологи сделали очередное "сенсационное" открытие

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