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Ufologists have considered Mars the skeleton of “alien”

Уфологи рассмотрели на Марсе скелет «пришельцев» The video is gaining popularity.

Taiwan ufologist Scott Waring found the pictures of Mars two alien skulls and cactus.

According to the specialist, when considering images of the red planet they found a few fossils and cactus with flower round shape.

The other two artifacts are the skulls of aliens, who belong to different types. One of them resembles a bony frame of a man’s head. With regard to the latter finding, the skull similar to a tigers.

“Keep in mind that we are talking about fossils. Many people make the mistake of thinking that fossils could not exist so long. And all because fossils are made of minerals from nature. They replace 100% of the body itself, becoming 100% the stone which is eternal, ” – said Waring.

For completeness, the UFO showed on the video said. Netizens began to actively discuss the presented material.

It is worth noting that Waring never doubted the existence of alien life, so is constantly trying to prove it to the public

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