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Ufologists from the US called Mangistau a magnet for UFOs

Уфологи из США назвали Мангистау местом притяжения НЛОThis place is situated in Kazakhstan.

American ufologists have been able to find out where you can often see a UFO in Eurasia.

According to “Express-K”, it was the Mangistau Peninsula.

Also, scientists of the United States found that the highest activity of aliens were seen in the period 1977-1978. Ufologists decided to study the records of those years.

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It turned out that the aliens are very interested in the Mangistau Peninsula. The actions of the aliens, scientists began to watch closely from the 1960’s Scientists in their work, published in OpenMind, trying to understand what would aliens be interested in the Peninsula. It is known that Mangistau very mysterious place, with many mysteries of the paranormal nature.

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