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Ufologists found in Antarctica’s proof of the existence of aliens

Уфологи отыскали в Антарктиде доказательство существования инопланетянThe discovery raises many questions.

Conspiracy theorists surprised by a new discovery on the rocky shores of Antarctica – structure, which could build alien visitors, ancient earthlings or whatever.

In the Google Earth virtual ufologists and conspiracy theorists spotted a strange shadow on the surface of the ocean. Its shape suggests that it rejects not the natural design, but something created by human hands. According to researchers, on the rocky shores of Antarctica has a tower with a height of not less than 100 meters. This is stated in article publication news of the world.

Unfortunately, ufologists and conspiracy theorists have not found the structure. So they assumed that it was destroyed and survived only one tower.

The researchers gave two versions of events. In the first embodiment, the structure was built of an ancient intelligent civilization. The second option is aliens. While scientists have admitted the existence of a third option, which outlines a very unusual argument.

The researchers suggested that Antarctica is a portal to other worlds. Therefore, the Builder of the tower and the entire structure could be anyone. As proof of their research, they discovered has led climatologists rotating fog on the territory of Antarctica. Experts measured the chronometer, the date, the device showed 27 January 1965. It is noteworthy that the fog remained in one point, rotating around its axis.

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