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Ufologist told about the famous case of abduction of Russians by aliens

Уфолог рассказал об известном случае похищения россиянки пришельцами A woman carried out medical manipulation.

This case was well investigated and documented the Russian ufologists. It said the 30-year-old resident of the Volga Larisa Sorokina. The impetus for her conversion to ufologists was the publication in the local newspaper about the incident with the woman from their neighborhood, who told about the meeting with the humanoid approximately the same numbers, when similar happened with her, that is, in February 1991.

So, this happened in the night from 14 to 15 February 1991. Larisa, slept with his nine year old son in his room, woke up as if from a push, at four o’clock in the morning. Time remembered at the alarm clock standing next to the bed. Already closing his eyes, drew attention to the high, almost up to the ceiling, a dark silhouette standing at the door to the room. Scare women the figure responded squeaky timbre male voice: “fear not, fear Not…”.

The phrase repeated several times. Most surprising for her was that in the moment of danger, she remembered about her son, lying next. The stranger offered to go with him. The voice repeated the invitation several times, and the woman, feeling a strange comfort, barefoot, in a night shirt rose up to follow the shadow.

As far as she could see, it was, apparently, a man in a grey with silver shimmer jumpsuit. Strangely, however, that he passed through doors without opening them, and she, of course, opened.

Went to the balcony door. As if in a dream, the woman opened the door and went to the balcony, but before that refused to get out of the cold on the street, but the stranger calmed her down. Almost at the level of the second floor in the courtyard over the roof of the transformer box, she saw a machine resembling a man’s hat with fields up. The device is small, three meters in diameter, with an angle to the ground was the beam, leaving on the ground a yellow spot diameter of about a meter.

Larisa Sorokina, apparently, took off, because suddenly I saw next to him, and well remember the roof of the building, drawing attention to the abandoned roll of roofing material on a bucket, covered with snow. Then she realized herself standing in a flying saucer, where there was quite a large room with rounded corners, a white floor, the light, like a fluorescent.

The room, oddly enough, seemed spacious, it was observed the outputs of the two sides. In that room, where she found herself, was a cart trolley-like hospital, and before her in the wall was a television screen, only a narrow.

Went high, almost two meters tall, a young woman in dark grey overalls, the structure of matter which Larisa is well remembered, could learn. The woman was in the hood, only white bangs covered his forehead. Roughly, unkindly, she was ordered to lie on the gurney.

At the same time, another woman, older, perfectly ordinary, earthly appearance, overweight, mid —fifties, also in overalls, but without a hood, and her hair pulled back and secured at the nape with a knot. She entered into a conversation with a goat, with the aim, apparently, to distract her.

High “alien” has become a needle to prick each finger, starting with the feet. An elderly woman in this time was here and that was unpleasant Larissa, not listened to the end of the answers. What does how many years, do you have children and so on.

They were surprised when they found that one finger on his left hand Sorokina is not bent (result of injury). Asked what hand. Larisa explained. Finally high, after a few manipulations on the body of the woman said sharply, “No! It is not for us”.

The meaning of the survey Sorokin did not understand.

Woke up at home. The clock showed 4 hours and 40 minutes. The room was cold. Remembered the open balcony door, closed it. And then she started a sort of hysteria. The woman told me that was sobbing, sobbing, not knowing why. Probably because it has been treated like experimental animals — rude, inconsiderate… as soon As dawn broke, Larissa ran to her older sister Galina, told her everything.

The nature of the survey Volzhanka and the meaning of words about why it “didn’t work”, remains unclear, although we can assume that the aliens were necessary some genetic material of the dugout. Galina did not hide the fact that particularly upset her sister studies gynaecological.

“They treated her like an inferior animal,” said the woman. Sister she bought it completely, because never before did not notice her lies and deceit.

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