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Ufologist could see the planet Nibiru on the video camera ISS

Уфолог разглядел планету Нибиру на видео с камеры МКС Mysterious object approaching earth’s atmosphere.

Valentin Degteryov said that the ISS camera caught an unknown planet, which is very close to the Ground. The story of the UFO, a new celestial body is clearly evident in atmospheric shining crown of our planet.

Degterev managed to record the live video attached below. It is worth noting that the Moon at that time was located completely on the other side of the ISS. Therefore, in the frame were clearly not our natural satellite.

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Perhaps for the record you can see the same Nibiru. According to the latest predictions, all life on Earth will die when our planet most closely approaching Nibiru.

If video is really planet X, the people now is to prepare for the worst. One can only hope that the predictions of the seers are wrong.

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Experts from NASA certainly would have begun to sound the alarm in case of danger, but not, apparently, they know much more than the average UFO researcher.

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