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UFO spotted on the moon strange building

Уфологи разглядели на Луне странное зданиеPeople were puzzled by the correct form of the object.

Social networking devotees of conspiracy theories are widely discussed footage of the surface of the moon, published an anonymous UFO researcher. It is alleged that on the natural satellite of the Earth discovered a huge building, reports with reference to

In the signature to your post UFO researcher reminds that scientists from NASA, producing shooting the moon, carefully trying to hide from the public the finds clearly associated with the presence of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Sealed lunar drone object can not have a natural origin. Regular shape and smooth surface structure, which leaves no doubt that the building of unknown purpose.

This time the skeptics were hard to argue. Indeed, the object can hardly be called rock. Commentators wrote that these images evoke feelings similar to when in an empty, dark room can hear somebody breathing. This time the main refrain of the discussion of the conspiracy was the question of whether to believe in the benevolence of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and why American scientists are so carefully hide information from humans.

Уфологи разглядели на Луне странное здание

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