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Ubisoft has responded to the boycott of players For Honor

Ubisoft отреагировала на бойкот игроков For HonorAmong the basic requirements of the players had problems with the balance of the game, microtransactions and other gameplay elements.

Representatives of Ubisoft have been forced to respond to thousands of fans For the Honor, which threatened to make the French publisher boycott. The company released impressive in its volume patch, which satisfied most of the demands of gamers.

Representatives of the company hastened to meet gamers in less than a day after a forum thread where players were collecting signatures under protest. The developers have assured players that they have carefully read all the requirements and asked the players to wait for the live broadcast, which soon told about future plans.

A few days after the game released an official patch, which corrected the balance of character Peacekeeper, which the players considered too strong, turned one of the most popular maps that for some reason previously removed, and also introduced a number of other changes. The company said that these changes were planned before the players threatened to boycott them. Anyway, gamers have taken the victory at his own expense and look forward to continue to improve the game in future patches.

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