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Ubisoft has pissed off the players For Honor

Ubisoft разозлила игроков For HonorThe company said that players do not need to get all the content.

A few days ago, a Reddit user had studied mathematics in microtransactions For Honor and counted how many real money or time it will take to open all of the cosmetic items. The result is very alarmed players, but Ubisoft, as usual, an alternative view.

According to the gamer nicknamed bystander007 to unlock all the costumes for the characters, clothes, emotions, and other such customization, you will have to work hard to Honor For two years and a half at a normal pace (1-2 hours 5-7 days a week) and almost a year in “hardcore”, with the implementation of regularly changing contracts. Of course, the grind can be alleviated, throwing in real money play. All cosmetic items will have to pay 732 US dollar over the cost of the game. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sounds good, so the discussion quickly gained popularity. For example, he bystander007 believes that he will certainly need all the possible decorations — say, he paid for them when purchased For Honor. And who else remembers the six additional characters that should appear in the future — and for them too will have their own items that require attachment to the game. So, the amount will soon be even more.

In the end, Reddit has reached out to the developers from Ubisoft. The day before they held a live broadcasting For Honor, which also talked about the problem with the donut and grind (24 minute recording). According to the head games of Cecina Damien (Damien Kieken), the Studio had not counted on the fact that gamers will unlock cosmetic content. Kieken calling in For Honor like MOBA or RPG like World of Warcraft — they say that there you never and in a head will not come to get all the items for all the heroes.

Besides, the authors anticipate that the audience will play mainly one, two or three characters. And this is confirmed by current statistics. Meanwhile, the makeup was conceived as “the end-game content” — that is, something that will keep the interest of a player after he’ll be out For Honor in a few weeks.

Gamers such revelations angered. Now the branch For Honor on Reddit are filled with discussions of various kinds. For example, someone asks: if the audience doesn’t have to play for all the characters, why Ubisoft gives out contracts for specific characters? Or allows you to choose a random fighter before the match? Someone announces Ubisoft the worst company in the world, which surpassed even Electronic Arts (later, however, in that discussion I remembered how much people loved the studios have time to buy and close the EA). And someone jokes that Ubisoft communication with users is as good as users with servers For Honor — that is very unstable.

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