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Uber will appear in one city

Uber появится еще в одном городе УкраиныThe third city of Ukraine, which will be a service call Uber drivers would be at the Dnieper.

Uber to start work in the river on March 30. It is planned that in the future he will appear in Kharkov.

Officially, the company Uber has not confirmed which cities should not count its appearance in the market. But Uber never in a hurry to announce such information. For example, the company talks about the conditions of service for drivers and customers just before beginning work in a new city. Traditionally in the first week after the launch of service works, citizens can make a free trip.

However, the company partners with Uber say the service really will soon appear on the streets of the Dnieper. “”We are already actively looking for drivers in the river, and as you know, the Dnieper is one of the cities that Uber interesting,” he told the media Sergei Romashko of the company Uberukr. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Representatives of the company Uberlin also talk about the launch of the service in the river, they even started to look for in this city of drivers.

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