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Uber has launched a new project in Arizona

Uber запустил новый проект в штате АризонаWhile the project is local, but with big ambitions.

The American company Uber announced the launch of commercial service for the carriage of goods using unmanned trucks. At first they will be used only in Arizona, where the authorities are sympathetic to unmanned machines.

However, the drivers in the cabs to be aware of — this is required by law, and to take matters into their own hands if something goes wrong.

The service itself was launched by Uber in the past year, but only now talking about Autonomous cars. Reportedly, the truck can be ordered as easily as a taxi. A search unit Uber Freight. It uses not the usual method of transportation.

Traditionally, it looks like this: put an object or objects in a van that carries cargo from point a to point B. the car is the same driver. In the case of Uber Freight one begins the path and finishes it off, Parking in the right slot. But the intermediate stage, that is, the transportation itself, takes on an Autonomous system. This will reduce fatigue for drivers, which is the main problem of transportation.

Truck drivers service would make the standard for professionals this kind of task, but only when the situation requires. Tasks will be the following — the approach to the station, navigating loaded the other cars area, performing difficult maneuvers.

While that Autonomous vehicles will ply only in Arizona and at a distance of not more than 450 km. the company say they do not want to cut people in favor of robots. This can only happen on longer routes, although no specific timing is not yet named.

It is also unclear how much it will cost this machine and how it will affect transportation costs.

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