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U.S. scientists have discovered a sensational find

В США ученые обнаружили сенсационную находкуScientists have discovered under the US giant lake of hydrocarbons.

Researchers have discovered giant reservoirs of carbon, as big as Mexico below the surface of the United States. It is possible that the gas can through the volcanoes to reach the surface.

This happens inside the Earth at 350 km depth below the Western part of the United States. Researchers have discovered huge deposits of carbon, which is in a liquid state. The area may be equated to the size of Mexico, or five times the size of Germany.

The research team said:

The process of oxidation at a depth of from 120 to 150 kilometers cause dissolution of diamond and graphite, which are converted into carbon dioxide. This leads to melting of rocks and to the escape of carbon dioxide from the ground. It is a source of carbon dioxide, which are essentially involved in the carbon cycle of the Earth.

Scientists have discovered an anomaly with an area of 1.8 million square kilometers, and from 25 to 70 meters thick.

Up to 100 trillion tons of carbon can be in the tank. That is almost 3,000 times more than it produces humanity. So here scientists suspect that the gases emerging from the mantle, have a much larger share of the impact of climate situation. Since the mass of carbon dioxide through volcanoes makes its way to the surface, thereby contributing to global warming.

We couldn’t think about it that the structure inside the Earth can affect climate change. But the opening not only shows the underground map, but also evidence of the earth’s atmosphere, as it could look like in the future, — says the scientist from the University of London. — If only one percent of available carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere, it is equivalent to burning 2.3 billion tons of oil.

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