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Tzemach, which is called a key witness in the MH17 case, were released

Цемаха, которого называют ключевым свидетелем по делу МН17, отпустили на свободу

The head of the Slavic defense of the so-called “DNR” Vladimir Tzemach, which some media call a key witness in the case of shot down in the skies of Donbass Malaysian Boeing MH-17 in the summer of 2014, odpustili to freedom under the personal obligation. The corresponding decision on Thursday, September 5, ruled a panel of the Kyiv court of appeal the presiding Yury Plum and “side” judges – Tatyana Fritsch and Olga Ordigi.

Thus the judges granted the petition of the lawyer Tzemach Romana Gontareva, who insisted on changing the measure of restraint to “Borisych” (one of the nicknames of “faster”). At trial the Prosecutor in his case – Oleg Peresada, stated disagreement with such a position defender. According to him, currently the native Snow is charged with suspicion of terrorism (part 1 of article 258-3 of the criminal code) for his alleged involvement in the conflict in the Donbass in the armed group of separatists.

In turn, the judge clarified with Peresada – what is the procedural status of the tzemach has the story of the downed passenger plane. The Prosecutor noted that the criminal proceedings on suspicion of “Borisych” is not declared.

Prosecutor Oleg Peresada said at the meeting: “Paradoxically, the extension of the remand in this case plays into the hands of the most Camacho. While in custody the man is safe. Already for anybody not a secret that the tzemach is an important element to establish the truth in the circumstances of the shooting down of Malaysia airlines flight MH-17. But we all know examples of families Skrobala, Boris Nemtsov, Alexander Litvinenko, Alexander Kharaberyush and Pavel Sheremet – how the Kremlin decides questions about the threat for him, witnesses and other persons. So I think that being at large the tzemach will expose yourself to mortal danger”.

After returning from the deliberation room, the court ruled to change the measure of restraint Camacho with bezalternativno arrest in the mildest form – personal obligation. The tzemach refused to speak to media.

According to the “Country,” perhaps the Tzemach participation in the exchange of detainees with Russia. At the same time, the media reported that Ukrainian security services did not want to give it away. And that it supposedly was one of the main obstacles to exchange. Now, as you can see, this obstacle was removed.

Also it is worth reminding that today the people’s Deputy from “Opposition For life” Viktor Medvedchuk said that the exchange can be made in the coming days.

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