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Typical signs of ectopic pregnancy

Характерные признаки внематочной беременностиThe doctors spoke about how to identify an ectopic pregnancy early symptoms.

Ectopic pregnancy is similar to symptoms with normal uterine pregnancy, but the differences are still there. Women should be more attentive to their health and well-being, because ectopic pregnancy is a very dangerous condition, to some extent, even life-threatening. The fact that a fetus implanted in the abdomen outside of the uterus, ovary or cervix may be asymptomatic in time grow to such sizes, which are not able to take out the organs, where it develops. Thus, a woman can die from loss of blood, rupture of ovary, infection of blood and so on, so you know about your diagnosis is very important at the initial stage.

It is known that ectopic pregnancy is often itself ends in a spontaneous abortion, i.e. miscarriage. Approximately this happens at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. In this case, it will start bleeding and the woman should immediately call an ambulance because she wouldn’t stop.

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How to understand that ectopic pregnancy:

– as the fetus is attached not in the uterine cavity, and beyond, in the process of its growth, the woman may note the appearance of severe pain in the abdomen;

– spotting, resembling allocation with menstruation.

As we can see, only two of the characteristic symptom of an ectopic pregnancy may celebrating the woman before you go for a checkup. Doctors strongly recommend not to endure the pain and not to lose sight of the fact that the spotting changed color, smell, volume and so on. It is very important to seek medical help until the fetus has not grown so much that it was dangerous for a woman’s life.

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Most women can lament the fact that before the appearance of the above signs of ectopic pregnancy can take 3-4 weeks, maybe more, and learn about your condition, they will not. Doctors say ectopic pregnancy is manifested just as well as uterine, usually evidenced by a delay of menstruation, then the woman immediately arming test to determine pregnancy and passes it.

By the way, ectopic pregnancy is the second band on the test has a very light tint. In this case, doctors recommend to take another test or go on reception to the gynecologist. Remember, only a doctor can determine how well attached to the fetus. Also help him in this, such devices as ultrasound, where 100% can be convinced of what the pregnancy.

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