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Typical signs of brain cancer

Характерные признаки рака головного мозгаOncologists have listed all the symptoms that may signal the development of malignant tumors in the human brain.

Brain cancer is the most serious cancer, because the statistics are disappointing and the majority of people that have that diagnosis, die. The fact is that a malignant tumor located in the brain may be inoperable, therefore, the risk of death increases. Also, we cannot disregard the fact that the symptoms of brain cancer can initially not to embarrass the person and that he’s very late go to doctor appointment.

Malignancy in the brain like any other organ, it is easier to prevent than later cure. Therefore, doctors insist on the fact that people lead a healthy lifestyle and timely examination of the whole body in order to be able at this stage to diagnose a particular disease.

Brain cancer has several signs is a common symptoms of cancer, neurological symptoms of brain cancer and signs of cancer cells of the individual lobes of the brain. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Common symptoms of cancer that can occur in cancer of the brain:

– nausea and vomiting, and the 4th stage of cancer, patients suffer from bloody vomit;

– gradual deterioration of vision occurs immediately after there was a tumor in the brain;

– strong and frequent headaches, which often disturb the person in the morning and hurts in the place where the tumor grows;

– epileptic fits, convulsions, but here the question is not about the 1 and 2 stage of cancer;

– long vertigo, which disturbs a person in a state of tranquility or activity;

– tinnitus, or unilateral deafness appear when the tumor exerts pressure on the system of the hearing aid;

– impaired coordination of movement, and in the later stages, paralysis.

To neurological symptoms of brain cancer include:

bad mood, apathy, irritability;

– aggression;

– the appearance of hallucinations;

– memory loss and lapses in it;

– indifferent attitude to life and personality change.

With the defeat of the separate lobes of the brain cancer manifests itself differently, but basically the patient will experience the same symptoms that have been described above. Oncologists are advised not to postpone the visit to the doctor tomorrow, because, having addressed at an early stage of brain cancer, people increase their chances of a full recovery.

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