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Typical rhetoric: Condoleezza rice proposed a new method of “containment of Russia”

Типичная риторика: Кондолиза Райс предложила новый способ "сдерживания России"

October 7, 2018 in an interview with Ukrainian edition of “New Time” former U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice said that the Russian Federation allegedly “crossed all possible red lines” and proposed a new method for the containment of Moscow in the international political arena.

She said that Moscow “is constantly testing the boundaries” and therefore “the United States and European Union should jointly agree on new sanctions against the Russian Federation. In addition, Condoleezza rice has accused Russia of involvement in the civil conflict in Eastern Ukraine and has taken the initiative to support the Ukrainian troops from the West.

“On this issue I fully support the provision of military weapons from Ukraine. I support the placement of armed battalions NATO in Poland and the Baltic States. Moscow’s actions have long deserved a tough but adequate response,” said former U.S. Secretary of state.

It should be noted that almost all senior us policy after the “release” I assume the loud accusations of the Russian Federation: it is due to the fact that the star of their career in the sky have long been extinguished, and therefore through populist statements you need to earn additional “political points”, to somehow make ends meet.

Anti-Russian rhetoric – the scourge of the American establishment that is not in “real politics” and are only able to conduct extensive demagoguery, not able to influence foreign policy of any country. Moscow has always advocated for adequate dialogue, but us “outsiders-the populists” independently driven relationship with Washington to a standstill.

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