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Tymoshenko explained why he changed the scythe into a different hairstyle

Тимошенко объяснила, почему сменила косу на другую прическуTymoshenko chose a more feminine style.

The leader of Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko admitted that he had changed his signature braid on hair, because I decided to become more feminine.

As he admitted in an interview with TSN, she really loves his “military hairstyle”.

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“In fact, some people say that when I braid a plait, is a combat color. And I’m going to kind of political war. I love my this kind of traditional hair, when I braid a braid, and to be honest, it is very convenient. It is possible to sleep in cars, standing in the snow at the meetings, you Abduvali all winds, but braid is adamant. And never in my life aren’t you worried about his hair. But now I decided to change a little bit as a woman, and I think that now I’ve become more like a woman than a soldier”, – told Tymoshenko.

The politician also admitted that with the scythe feels more confident on the people.

“A lot of home when I had to go to some political events, I’ve always been that way. And it so happened that I suddenly found ourselves with this hairstyle came into the Parliament. This and spit my usual hairstyle. Braided braids takes me 7 minutes in the morning, and then I feel very confident. And also this hairstyle not time consuming, the tail tied and the battle,” – said Tymoshenko.

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