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Tymchuk told the guard Boronenkov

Тымчук рассказал об охраннике ВороненковаBoronenkov guarded employee Gur of the Ministry of defense, however, he was not a professional security guard.

The protection of the former Deputy of the state Duma Boronenkov Dennis engaged not professional security guards, and scouts, so the Russian security services once again demonstrated its power on the territory of Ukraine.

This writes the MP and the coordinator of group “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk on his page in Facebook.

According to him, Boronenkov guarded employee Gur of the Ministry of defense, however, he was not a professional security guard, although he demonstrated a high level of professionalism and heroism.

“So what is military intelligence, which was not close to the functions of protection? Here it is necessary to open the Law of Ukraine “On ensuring security of persons participating in criminal proceedings” from 23.12.1993 № 3782-XII, and that’s what we see. According to the Law, the decision on protection in such cases is taken by the investigator, the Procurator or the court. A guard is either a specific law enforcement Agency, or “body (branch), carrying out operational investigative activities in respect of persons who participated in or contributed to the detection, prevention , suppression of crimes,” – said the expert.

Therefore, he concludes, it is likely that military intelligence was working with the former Deputy in Russia, provided his departure to Ukraine (both the first and the second is a high level of professionalism) and has appointed him to provide security in our country.

It would seem that the provisions are met. But there is a vague doubt that military intelligence, by definition, must engage in such functions. What I was thinking at the same Prosecutor’s office or court, when he met a professional scout in the role of a security guard, and do not specify a different, more suitable for this purpose, the on – the big question. The fact is that because of this stupidity (and not on another call) and was killed a crucial witness, and the Russian special services at the same time demonstrating his powers on the territory of our country, – says Tymchuk.

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