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Tymchuk told about the likelihood of full-scale invasion of Russia to Ukraine

Тымчук рассказал о вероятности полномасштабного вторжения РФ в УкраинуNow in the Donbas there is no improvement, as the Minsk agreements are not fulfilled by the Russian side.

The probability of invasion of Russian army in Ukraine to a full-scale offensive there, so the Ukrainian military leaders should develop a plan to repel the attack. This column in the online edition of “Apostrophe” wrote the people’s Deputy Dmitry Tymchuk.

According to him, on Donbass there is no improvement in the situation, and the Minsk agreement are not met by the Russian side.

“We are constantly talking about the fact that the threat of further invasion by the Russian Federation remains. And the position of the General staff, which has been training not only with regard to the current hostilities in the Donbass, but also taking into account the possible large-scale offensive, open aggression of the Russian Federation, more than right”, – Tymchuk notes.

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He recalled that on the Eastern borders, there were two new Russian army, which formed three new divisions.

“Although the process is not finished yet, but they are unable to perform combat missions. At the same time about a stuffed Russian troops of the Crimean Peninsula – is the formation of another army. Those guns that hang on the wall and can shoot. Of course, we cannot claim that there is a high probability that Russia will start large-scale aggression by stepping in the direction of Chernihiv region, for example. However, given the fact that Russia occupied part of Ukrainian territory, leading the fighting in the Donbass, can also concentrate its forces in other areas, the threat is very high. And, accordingly, the APU needs to reflect”, – Tymchuk wrote.

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He also stressed that the Baltic countries have become more sober assessment of the possibility of Russian attack on them, despite their membership in NATO.

“Can Russia invade the territory of a member country of NATO? It is obvious that we are talking about the Baltic States. They now appreciate this threat very clearly and urged NATO to consult, want to get from the Alliance is the guarantee that if anything will run the Washington Treaty on collective security”, – said the MP.

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