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Two weeks autogas fell by 1 UAH/l

За две недели автогаз подешевел на 1 грн/лFrom 5 to 6 December, the national average price of LPG decreased by 10 kopecks/liter up to 15,36 UAH/liter.

As reported, the massive reduction in retail prices of LPG started from the 20th of November. During this time in the capital region the price of gas at OKKO fell by 1.3 UAH/liter, WOG lowered prices on 95 kopecks./l, the Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta – 1.45 UAH/liter, Glusco – 1.4 UAH/liter, station assistant at 43-54 kopecks./l.

From 5 to 6 December, the national average price of gas has dropped 10 kop/l up to 15,36 UAH/l At stations AMIC, Shell, avtotrans, UPG, Parallel, ZOG, Nick, Factor, Mango and Ukrgazdobycha from 5 to 6 December, the price dropped within 30 kopecks./l.

The Private group offers gas and 15.44-of 15.55 UAH/liter. Network of OKKO and WOG – 15,48 UAH/l UAH 15,83/l, respectively.

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