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Two sisters trying to find each other on the “Road of the Apocalypse” (VIDEO)

Keep a pack frame, a trailer, and also a small excerpt from post-apocalyptic Thriller “the Road of the Apocalypse” (Apocalypse Road) Director and scriptwriter Brett Bentman. This movie man debut full meter, and in the last year, but since then managed to produce several paintings including “Umbra”, “the Night before” and “Kreep” with Judd Nelson. In short, Brett takes a penny, but fertile, and is trying with his meager resources to stir up interesting movie.

Synopsis “Roads Of Apocalypse”:

In a post-apocalyptic world, a gang of ruthless killers seeks to create its own perverse form of law and order. Members of the group hunting and shared by two sisters who are trying to flee. Women have to deal with this new, incredibly dangerous world in order to stay alive in the hope of reunion and freedom.

The main roles in the film played by Katie Kohler (Subterranea), Ashlin, MacIver (“Bad kids go to hell 2”) and Billy Blair (“Machete”, “sin City 2”).

So, the scope of “Road Rage” we can not expect, melancholic drama “the Road” by Cormac McCarthy is also likely, but maybe some of the Director’s findings in the film still exist.

To test this, viewers will soon — December 5 “the Road of the Apocalypse” will be released on VOD platforms.

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