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Two of the actor will return to his roles in “Glass” Shyamalan

Castes the expected continuation of the films “Invincible” and “Split” from Director M. night Shyamalan continues to grow. Previously it was reported that the main roles are performed all the same James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-joy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, and the company will make constant guest “American horror story” Sarah Paulson. Synopsis the future of the triquel is:

Immediately after the “split” starts “Glass”, which tells how David Dunn is chasing a supernatural creature named the Beast, formerly known as Kevin Wendell Crumb, and the result is a series of fights, and yet Elijah Prays masterfully orchestrates the events, staying in the shadows and having the secrets the weaknesses of both enemies.

Now about the newcomers – though, in fact, rather “old”. The role of the son of David named Joseph returns Spencer Treat Clark, who plays this role in “Unbreakable”. In addition to it, on repeat participation in the image of the sign and Charlain Woodard, who will play the mother of Elijah. That’s still funny – after all, her “on-screen son” Samuel L. Jackson actually 5 years older than the actress!

“Glass” promises to be “very unusual” superhero movie, but Shyamalan once again promises to surprise us – waiting for the premiere, which is scheduled for January 19, 2019.

Spencer Treat Clark

Charlain Woodard

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