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Two new scenes from “Mad” sisters Nipple

Throw another glance at the body horror Rabid, a remake of the eponymous band David Cronenberg’s 1977 release.

A girl named rose becomes the victim of an accident, and the monstrous scars change her body beyond recognition. However, it is subjected to a radical experimental therapy using stem cells. Rose is once again becoming a beauty, but it soon becomes clear that this transformation will have to pay unexpected high price.

Castes are Laura vandervoort (“Saw 8”), Ben Hollingsworth (“Resuscitation”), MacKenzie gray (“the Journey of the unicorn”), Ted Atherton (“Thirteenth”), Tara, Yelling (“RED”), Joel Labelle (“Fargo”), Jesse Griffiths (“Black matter”) and Lucas Mius (“Warehouse 13”)

Directors Jen and Sylvia Nipple (“American Mary”).

Date of the premiere, “Mad” is still unknown.

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