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Two main enemies of the poster “the Dark tower”

One swore to protect Her.

One swore to destroy It.

The shooter and the Man in black. Two interconnected, two eternally opposing character. You can continue to mutter on the appointment of Idris Elba, but agree that Matthew McConaughey look at the image of Walter is just gorgeous.

We haven’t heard anything about “the Dark tower” from the beginning of April, and good heard longer. And finally, Sony Pictures has revealed a cornucopia, from which poured the teasers and animated posters, as well as fresh new York frame of film.

In addition keep a couple of new posters. One of them Roland diskan the last effort wanders somewhere (but know where), and his guns blazing gas fire.

I kill not weapons: he who kills with the weapon, has forgotten the face of his father.

On the second poster the Man in black, and it seems, beneath a burning earth, but it is a little worried.

And all this is just a primer to the event that should happen this afternoon. We finally show the first trailer for the picture.

Held his breath, waiting.

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