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Two film that made Nicolas cage a fan of horror

At the height of his career the name of Oscar winner Nicolas cage was associated primarily with the militants in the spirit of “Without a face” and dramas like “Leaving Las Vegas”. And a remake of “the Wicker man”, of course, made him an icon of horror. However, having fallen to films category “B”, the actor became increasingly doing more horror films, and now this genre can return it to the sky of Hollywood. At least the critics at festivals and simple fans of the genre, the vast majority in fierce awe of the action-horror film “Mandy”, where cage played a Central role. The more interesting and more important is that the actor himself has long been a fan of horror.

Within an interview with Esquire Nick cage told about what the tape instilled in him a love of the genre:

I spent a lot of time in England and bought a collection of all the horror films of Hammer studios and enjoyed viewing each of them. I was completely crazy Director named Terence Fisher, who directed “Curse of the werewolf” and “Frankenstein and the monster from hell”. These films are, I think, was very deep, and not only in terms of horror, but in the philosophical sense.

A classic is a classic. Something seems funny to us now, lurid, but there is in these films, something that continues to cling to the viewer and to this day. That cage at the time hooked:

I became a fan of the genre largely because of them.

So waiting for “Mandy”, the Russian premiere of which will take place on October 11, you can really spend the time reviewing any of the classic Hammer horror, for example.

In the topic: the Character “Mandy” was inspired by Jason Verizom

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