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Two dissimilar States. One sees the head and the other an ordinary person

Две непохожие России. Одну видит начальник, другую — рядовой человек

In a country invented by the authorities, all is not as in the present.

Let’s not underestimate the ignorance of the ruling class about our reality.

Jokers laugh at the state struggle with Germany for fifth place in the world in GDP and higher promises to accelerate the economy to the global average rate.

Yes, the IMF prefers to consider GDP not elaborate parities, but simply on exchange rates, and puts our national economy only twelfth place on the planet, assuming that in 2019 the Russian economy is 13 times will give way to American and 8.5 times — the Chinese. And “average growth” (3,1%), getprocessname scheduled for 2021, would be taken seriously only by readers of public reports.

But these majestic imagination, who indulges in our leading circles, completely harmless compared to the inadequacy of his ideas about the material side of life of its citizens.

Take just published the official report on the results of the first ten months of this year.

The reader of this work and the people close to him, find out there that the average monthly salary in Russia has now reached 46 thousand rubles, an increase of 2.3%.

What level of unemployment we have not more than one percent: “the employment service accounted for 0.8 million are not engaged in labour activity of citizens, of these, 0.6 million people were unemployed…”

What we imagine “in January—October 2019 the strike was not fixed”. That’s what would stagger humanity, not an imaginary fifth place, but somehow embarrassed.

And here’s the lovely details: “average actual working hours in January—September to 7.11 hours.” That’s something Medvedev said as much about four days. He judges our workload these figures.

And another amenity: the commissioning of housing increased by 7.4%. Let’s much below the reference numbers, but looks like a solid gift to the common people.

In short, if not spiritual, then the material aspect of things — as seen by the authorities — is clearly on the mend. Country blooms. And private, not spoiled by Russian registered as a foreign agent in this state optics must look like a character from old Soviet books: “‘No,’ he said, as if mildly objecting to someone — after all we have the power of good, comes to meet man.”

Well, now that the average person sees in the real world.

The official average, but rather the arithmetic mean of wages shows two things: what top managers are paid far more than others (so 70% of the employees earnings are below, or well below “average”), and that in several regions, do prosperous or remote and hard to live, wages are much higher than in the other. Only in 18 Federal entities (from Moscow to Chukotka), i.e. slightly more than one out of five with earnings above the national average. And the rest below.

Yes, the average salary is measured only for “workers organizations”, which in September were 33.2 million people — less than half occupied. On the income of other workers, of which about 40 million, something known only from the so-called “sample surveys”. More or less clear that they receive less than “organizations”, but how is unknown. So, if you can call the official average salary of a lime, not much exaggerate.

Lipa and missing strikes. And almost no unemployment. However, in addition to the current reports, it is estimated even for the so-called ILO and misleading that it is close to 5% of the labor. But again, the “sample survey”. And it is clear that most of the forty million people, consisting of “organizations”, for obvious reasons, shy away from to say “the surveyors” the truth.

The growth in 2019 “average” wages. If you agree with the fact that they actually increased by two percent, we have to take seriously and another figure — an official increase of pensions in real terms. It amounted to just 1.2%. That is, pensions are growing clearly slower than the salary and the replacement rate continues to decline. Illustration to the solemn promise that reform of pensions is done in order to increase this coefficient.

Finally — is instructive. As one of the few apparent symptoms of improve the quality of life touted the increase in housing construction this year. However, look closely and you’ll find that the increase in its Deposit of 4.2 million sq m (in January—October 2019 vs Jan-Oct 2018) consists of 0.5 million sq m, which increased the entry of premises in apartment houses (1.9%), and 3.7 million square meters of growth space in the houses built by individual developers (14.6%). Yes, for ourselves, people are really built much more. But where they only paid money, but the apartments were constructed under the supervision of the authorities, the increase of almost was not.

This is the key to almost all our situations. If an ordinary person fails away from the boss to build something or to earn, his life really can become better. And where his activity proceeds under the Treasury accounting and control, to wait for prosperity is not necessary.

But the machine of accounting for and control as one of their side products delivers up fantasy about wealthy and continuously luchshaya the lives of ordinary citizens. And believing that the artistic images of the ruling circle have long forgotten that they compose by his own orders.

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