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Two conditions for winning over the bureaucracy

Два условия для победы над бюрократией

Two conditions will ensure you victory in interaction with the bureaucracy, civil, judicial and even law enforcement: a preliminary reading of the rules (law, order, instructions) and the possession of what is called stamina.

In Russian this is a valuable quality is not very good translated: it’s not patience, with its emphasis on the passive perception of suffering, and not endurance, which also creates a picture in the imagination of tagaloglang donkey.

Stamina is the ability to withstand long hours of events, without losing sight of his goal and keeping the same tenacity of attention and petty suspicion on the seventh hour, and on the ground. In front of you people, accustomed to long hours these seats will be waiting for the moment when you’re starving and you start to fall asleep, and the rear will be to breathe heavily and muttering “well, how can you?!” to offer you to vote all the package, or even to postpone and decide “in working order”.

The one who at this moment Wake up and say “No!”, and remember how to put the question on a separate vote — I swear, he will be the sky the other, whatever the verdict of the land of the blind.

Russian people are weak in this place, for it is easy to agree that all garbage except for bees, all a decay and vanity and “nothing changes”. And anyway, he always has elsewhere better things to do, he can’t spend his life on nonsense. At this moment it quickly, nonviolent and with the consent of undress, those who knows exactly how much is sold and how one or another “meaningless formality”.

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