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Twitter has frozen 70 million accounts

Twitter заморозил 70 млн учетных записейThere is a struggle against trolling and spam.

Over the past two months, Twitter has frozen 70 million accounts as part of a decisive fight against malicious activity on its platform. Compared to the intensity of the locks in October last year, from may to June, the rate increased two.

For several years the company was widely criticized for sluggish efforts to suppress abnormal behavior of users. Under the pressure of anti-Russian sentiment Twitter and Facebook have stepped up the fight against trolling and spam. In June, Twitter said about working to improve its security policies and noted that its system weekly to identify and respond to more than 9.9 million accounts, manually or automatically distribute spam.

Increased pressure from the company can lead to a decrease in the number of users in the second quarter. Although Twitter management believes that Stripping is not much impact on the number of active users, including blocked accounts, many rarely did the publication.

However, in the letter to shareholders for the first quarter of this year, Twitter stated that “current efforts to ensure the quality of information” has had a negative impact on the monthly number of users in the future can have a similar effect.

One way or another, but such a big lock can not improve statistics. However, in the long term for the success of social services is much more important to rid the environment of communication from unwanted and Intrusive messages.

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