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Turkey threatens the USA to the Russian su-57: in Ankara compared the “Drying” with the F-35

Obstacles to supply Ankara aircraft of the fifth generation F-35 pushing Ankara to search for alternatives, says the state of Turkish Agency “Anadolu”. Given their material in its entirety.

In response to the willingness of the Turkish authorities to implement the contract on the s-400, sources in Washington declared that they would not transfer the F-35 to balance the Turkish air force. To this the foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara is not just to help out beyond the program of developing the F-35.

According to the Minister, in case of the worst scenario, Turkey will seek alternative ways to ensure the needs of air force aircraft of the fifth generation. “If you fail to purchase the F-35, Turkey will purchase similar aircraft from other countries. And it will continue until the beginning of the construction of domestic fifth generation fighter aircraft,” — said Cavusoglu.

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The statement of the head of Turkish diplomacy on the backdrop of the ending of the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Moscow and, for many, signaled the “Russian alternative” to the F-35.

On arms of the Russian space forces are already multifunctional fifth-generation aircraft, the su-57. Moreover, according to experts, the Russian plane has a number of significant advantages over the F-35 in flight range, speed and maneuverability.

At the same time, the F-35 is more “invisible”.

The us military aircraft there are also benefits in terms of the synthesis of data from the detection devices, which is extremely important in modern warfare.

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In addition, “thirty-fifth” may coordinate other aircraft to “enemy territory”.

The tasks of the designers of the su-57 was somewhat different than that of the F-35. Russian plane of the fifth generation was created with the aim of achieving superiority over the enemy that threatens important air facilities. That is why the principle of “invisibility” was not a priority for the creators of su-57.

The military doctrine of the Russian Federation involves doing battle with an “invisible” aircraft objects and does not focus on their own aircraft – stealth.

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