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Turkey stopped taking ships from the Crimea

Турция перестала принимать корабли из КрымаAt the moment the Maritime trade between the Crimea and Turkey stopped.

Turkey stopped taking ships from the Crimea. Even the Turkish ferries arrived from Sevastopol, not allowed to dock at the port of Zonguldak. Write about it notes.

In interview to the newspaper Hürriyet, the Director of the logistics company Selin, Global Arzygul Kaymakci explained this situation by the fact that ships arrived from the Crimea. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Recently, when our ships arrive from Sevastopol, they did not moor in the port of Zonguldak. This is a very big problem, as all the cargo we have to return back to exporters,” he complained Kaymakci.

According to him, no official explanation has been received: “we Have Turkish ships that run entirely Turkish staff. But the ship still can’t dock. The reason – he arrived from the Crimea.”

“Due to downtime of our ships last year only we lost $150 million, he said. – The demand is very high and therefore the problem is now too great,” concluded the Director of Global Selin.

As confirmed by the Director of the ferry operator company of the Crimean marine Agency – Stanislav Gvozdikov not be accepted the ships that came from ports of the Peninsula.

“It turns out that the reason is that Turkey does not recognize the Russian Crimea. The logic goes like this. Russian ships from other regions are accepted, from Novorossiysk, for example, and from the Crimea – not” – said Gvozdyov.

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