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Turkey increased the number of military on the border

Турция увеличила число военных на своей границеThe country is strengthening its border with Syria.

Turkey has sent reinforcements to its border with Syria – in particular, in the area sent about 100 vehicles, including mounted pickups and weapons.

On Sunday told Turkish news Agency DHA, informs Reuters.

Intensified military activity in the area occurs a few days after President Erdogan said that Turkey will postpone a planned military operation against the Kurdish people’s protection Units in the Northern part of Syria after the US decided to withdraw its troops from Syria.

A part of the Turkish column, which went to the border district of Kilis in southern province of Hatay, included tanks, howitzers, machine guns and buses with fighters.

Part of the military equipment and personnel should be placed on posts along the border, while a portion crossed the border and entered Syria via the district Elbeyli.

Elbeyli, located 45 kilometers from the Northern Syrian town of Manbij, which was the main catalyst of tension between Ankara and Washington. In June, NATO allies reached an agreement, according to which the Kurdish popular defence shall be eliminated from the region. Turkey has complained that the “road map” for the implementation of the agreements was postponed.

Erdogan said Friday that Turkey will take over the fight against the militants of the “Islamic state” in Syria at the time, as the United States withdraw their troops. He added that the planned military operation is aimed against the “Islamic state” and against the Kurds.

Ankara believes that US-backed Kurdish people’s defence is a terrorist organization.

Turkey has conducted two military operations in Syria against the Kurds and the “Islamic state”.

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