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Turkey has opened a new ski resort

В Турции открылся новый горнолыжный курортThere’s a new place for beginners.

Mount Ilgaz is one of the highest in the black sea region. It is located between the provinces of Kastamonu, çankırı, taking visitors from across the country, particularly in Ankara and Istanbul, as it is located near the largest cities of Turkey. Located in the heart of the mountain national Park offers skiing facilities, covering an area of 1088 hectares, the ski resort offers skiing facilities on the mountain, with a height of 2850 metres, is famous for its natural beauty. This ski resort, where the descent is slow, mostly skiers novice level and those who want to improve their skiing skills.

Ferhat Akkaya, Manager of one of the hotels at mount Ilgaz said that the depth of the snow reached 30 centimeters, and the ski slopes are almost ready for the new season. “Preparing for the new season is almost complete. Currently ski lovers who come to the mount Ilgaz on one day, can enjoy the slopes. The only thing we need now is a heavy snowfall. When the snow falls again, our snowmobiles will improve ski trails,” added Akkaya. The Manager said that the mount Ilgaz needs more recognition by tourists. This is one of the best places for Hiking and camping. Ilgaz is a Paradise for winter tourism. Today the resort is popular with students, especially those studying at the University of Kastamonu.

The ski season starts in December and lasts until April, at skiing to enjoy the mountain slopes of the Black sea. The ski resort has two trails with a total length of 2.8 km. longest ski run is 1.5 km away. no Matter ride whether you are skiing, snowboarding or jumping on a sled, have all chances to enjoy the slopes of the Black sea and its beautiful nature.The coldest point of the year – Ilgaz mountain ready for ski season.

The Governor of Kastamonu Yasar Karadeniz said that the ski centre offers skiing facilities on the mountain is one of the new but increasingly popular ski resorts. As Ilgaz easily accessible from major cities of Turkey, it is an ideal place for winter sports and recreation.

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