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Turkey “ears” snowed

Турцию "по уши" замело снегомTurkey was hit by heavy snowfalls, paralyzing Istanbul.

Heavy snow fell on Turkey, paralyzing Istanbul over the past night fell about 65 cm of snow.

Sunday main Turkish air carrier Turkish Airlines announced the cancellation of the 471 international flight from Ataturk airport and all domestic flights.

The airline has cancelled flight 610 from both Stambula international airports – Ataturk and Sabiha Gökçen.

In the evening last Friday, some 6,000 passengers were placed in hotels, and by Sunday at the airport Ataturk accumulated about 20 thousand passengers, which, according to local agencies, provide food and drink.

According to the news Agency Dogan, four flights Turkish Airlines from India, South Africa, Vietnam and Maldives – were redirected to the airport of Gaziantep in southern Turkey.

Precipitation prevented the plans of many Istanbul residents to leave the city for the weekend. As Dogan reports, many motorists were forced to abandon their cars on the road and walk. Some chose to stay in the car for more than 10 hours waiting for the improvement of road conditions.

The coast guard has also suspended the movement of ships entering and leaving the Bosphorus, which is one of the busiest Maritime arteries of the world.

On Sunday suspended and a ferry between the European and Asian parts of Istanbul.

As stated by the government of the city, the snow has led to increased number of vehicles on the roads and accidents. Istanbul subway worked all night on Sunday, bringing passengers who were unable to get to another part of the city by road.

According to forecasters, the lowest temperature in Istanbul will continue over the next few days.

Турцию "по уши" замело снегом
Турцию "по уши" замело снегом

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