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Turkey dealt a crushing blow to the base of the Kurds

Турция нанесла сокрушительный удар по базе курдовKilled more than 10 soldiers, Kurdish troops.

On Wednesday, Turkish warplanes struck the base of the Kurds in Northern Iraq, killing 13 fighters of the Kurdish resistance. This is stated in the Turkish armed forces.

“During air strikes in Northern Iraq neutralized with 13 armed members of the separatist terrorist organization, preparing for an attack on targets on the territory of Turkey,” – said in the message. The Agency clarifies that the term “terrorists” to the Turkish military usually describe members of the armed wing “of the Kurdistan workers party” (PKK).

The PKK initiated the uprising in the South-East of Turkey in the 1980-ies, populated mostly by Kurds. The organization also has a base for training rebels in Northern Iraq.

Earlier it was reported, the regional Kurdish autonomy of Iraq has passed the referendum for the independence of Kurdistan, most of the participants voted for the independence of this territory. On the recognition results of the referendum declared by the government of Iraq, Turkey and several other countries.

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