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Turkey announced thermal spas in 20 cities

Турция анонсировала термальные курорты в 20 городахWill create 20 thermal cities.

Turkey continues to grow as a tourism destination in the health sector. The country has a number of new projects that will mainstream her to the peak of popularity. According to the Turkish Fund of the tourism Board in tourism, Turkey will turn 20 cities in the “thermal spas” by 2023. They will many resorts and facilities with healing waters and hot springs.

The Foundation’s President Emin Cakmak argues that in Turkey there are many thermal water sources, which were used to cure people for centuries.

Over the past 15 years has created a new segment of thermal and health tourism, so many hospitals have become integrated system with major investment in this area.

“The largest number of visitors falls on countries in the Middle East, Europe, Turkic Republic we plan to build 20 thermal cities. Already defined the first 10 cities: Denizli, Afyon, Sivas, balıkesir, Anywhere, Usak, Kutahya, Nevsehir, Ankara and Yalova. Two of them – Denizli and Afyon thermal have become cities, and soon Sivas will follow.

Work on the conversion of thermal Sivas to the city will be completed by next year. We pay attention to small details: the city needs to be a rehabilitation center, and the dwelling will be tied together with some infrastructure investment. Our goal is set to open 20 cities in 2023, to take foreign visitors to these cities and to contribute to the Turkish economy,” said Emin çakmak.

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