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Turchinov said that Russia is ready to attack

Турчинов заявил о готовности России к наступлениюThe Kremlin decided to resort to the “last argument of kings” – military force.

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov believes that the Russian-Belarusian strategic is command-staff doctrines “the West-2017” will be a test of Russia’s readiness for a major war with the NATO countries.

This is stated in his article “the West-2017 – the reality and threat.”

Turchynov said that the exercises will cover almost the entire territory of the European part of Russia. In them will take part not only the army, but Regardie, MVD, FSB, Ministry of emergency situations. The actual number of participants in all activities in the framework of the “West-2017” – 230-240 thousand people, over 10 thousand pieces of equipment, about hundreds of aircraft, 40 ships and submarines.

“To the great war are the armed forces, and all the Russian government with the relevant costs of material and other resources. Thus, during SCSU “West-2017,” the Kremlin examines how the armed forces and the state as a whole ready for a major war with the West. On the background of the difficult economic situation that has forced the Kremlin to resort to the reduction of the military articles of the state budget of the Russian Federation, holding such large-scale exercises may not be just the usual event of combat training. On the contrary, it is about demonstrating the determination of the Russian military-political leadership for a tough response to any attempts by NATO/US to react in a forceful way for the next military adventures of the Kremlin in the former Soviet Union. The weak attractiveness of the socio-political and socio-economic model of modern Russia, progressive the limitations of its economic potential force the Kremlin to resort to the “last argument of kings” – military force. So, for a circumscribed time does not exclude new attempts of the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, Belarus, countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia,” says Turchynov.

Therefore, according to the NSDC Secretary, the teachings of the “West 2017” is the next Russian step for the strengthening of the confrontation in Europe, which requires a very serious response on the part of Western countries and Ukraine.

“The leadership of the state, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other bodies of the security sector and defence take the necessary steps to protect our country”, – assured Turchinov.

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