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Tuck said that when the conflict in the Donbass will begin to “curl”

Тука рассказал, когда конфликт в Донбассе начнет "сворачиваться"However, in the Crimea such forecasts in the government while no one else does.

Deputy Minister for the occupied territories and internally displaced persons, the George Tooke believes that the fall of the “ugliness” in the Donbas will start to “curl”.

He said this on air of the program “People. Hard Talk”.

“There are so many external factors can influence it. To predict what is to happen in all events, it is impossible, we must speak honestly. For this answer, it is better to go to Church. Maybe the Lord alone knows the answer. I can only Express my point of view,” commented Fat. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to him, the collapse of military conflict in the East of the country it can be expected to fall this year.

“Analyzing the information that I have from a completely open source. I have a feeling that in autumn we will start to see the actual process of folding all this ugliness in the East. Not in the Crimea, in the East,” concluded Tuck.

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