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Tsunami washes away a city on a new poster “Geostorm”

Gerard Butler (“law Abiding citizen”, “300”), Jim Sturgess (“Twenty-one”), Andy Garcia (“ocean’s 11 friends”), Abbie Cornish (“limitless”, “Robocop”) and EDD Harris (“the Rock”). Normal only, right? And all these beautiful people not to be envied: the world would End in their shift.

For the first time on “Geostorm” (Geostorm) we wrote back in March. Then the trailer gave serious mood, but the next was a little confused by his cheerful attitude. It is unclear to determine whether the creators of that movie they want to show. Easy popcorn blockbuster with humor or a classic disaster film? Apparently, we learn after the release.

After an unprecedented series of natural disasters that struck our planet, world leaders have joined forces to create an extensive network of orbiting satellites to control the climate to prevent natural disasters. But something went wrong — the system built to protect the Land, now threatened her. Race against time, where time is needed to detect a real threat before the world Geostorm will erase from the face of the Earth all living things… all living at the same time.

The network Zone Horror got a new poster of the picture. In fact, the first normal, because the first was a bare name on a dark background. The poster is cute, though such an arrangement is often used: just remember “the Beginning”, even the color scheme matches. However, there is a tsunami, and a tsunami could easily wash away all the flaws.

The Russian premiere of “Geostorm” is scheduled for October 19, 2017.

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