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Trump was disappointed with Russia as the fulfillment of “obligations”

Трамп разочаровал Россию невыполнением "обязательств"The Russian government believed that the billionaire will be able to make concessions in the relations of two great countries.

The Kremlin mistakenly believed that the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump will lift sanctions against Russia after winning the election, therefore, hampered the talks in Minsk.

In an interview with “Observer” said the Russian lawyer mark Feigin.

“They thought that trump will come to power and will lift the sanctions on Crimea, recognizes the Peninsula part of Russian territory. Why then to give, if everything is solved? Why would the Minsk agreement? They completely eliminated the “Minsk”. In August, Putin said that the Minsk process has died. They believed that in November will win a trump and the trick is done. It is later revealed that the system of checks and balances in US policy does not allow Trump to freely control the sanctions and foreign policy. It turned out that the Senate has more influence,” — said Feigin.

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