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Trump told why Clinton lost the election

Трамп рассказал, почему Клинтон проиграла выборыThe democratic candidate lost the election, because “bet on the States,” said the US President-elect.

Us President-elect Donald trump has said that the former candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton lost the election, because “bet on the States.”

He also stressed that the fight for electoral votes is much more difficult than for votes.

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“To campaign to get the votes of the electoral College is much harder and convoluted than in the popular vote. Hillary was not focused on those States!” – trump wrote on Twitter.

According to him, if the President elected by universal suffrage, he would have shown an even better result.

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“I would have held elections even better, if at all possible, if the winner was chosen by popular vote – but would have conducted the campaign differently,” said trump.

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