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Trump switched to iPhone

Трамп перешел на iPhoneTrump for a couple of weeks use the “Apple” device.

The President of the United States Donald trump began to use the iPhone, having gone in for security with the Android platform. On Wednesday, March 29.

Director of social media at the presidential administration Dan Scavino Jr. wrote on Twitter that trump for a couple of weeks use the “Apple” device. He confirmed that the social networks of the last message of the 45th President of the USA was created on the new smartphone. Previously, Twitter users noticed that some of trump’s tweets were sent from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone, so many have doubts in their authenticity.

In the past the head of the us administration has been repeatedly criticized for the use of South Korean brand, notes The Verge. It was assumed that he will hand over your gadget after the inauguration, however, and after taking office, the President has not changed his habits. In February, two senators wrote a letter to the Minister of defence James Mattis, in which he noted the “vulnerability of the old, unprotected Android smartphone” the head of state to hacker attacks. Another cause for concern was the case when trump used the flashlight on my phone to illuminate the secret documents at the briefing on the missile programme of the DPRK.

During the election campaign, trump has called to boycott Apple products because the Corporation refused to break at the request of the FBI iPhone a terrorist who killed 14 people and wounded another 21 in the building of center for people with disabilities in the California San Bernadino in December 2015.

Predecessor trump Barack Obama preferred your BlackBerry device with limited number of functions, but later he also changed the camera on the iPhone.

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