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Trump recommended that the leaders of NATO countries to increase defense spending

Трамп рекомендовал лидерам стран НАТО увеличить расходы на оборону
The American leader called for increased defense budgets of the members of the Alliance to meet its obligations.

US President, Donald trump has written to the leaders of the countries-participants of the NATO a letter in which expressed his disappointment that some members of the Alliance have not increased defense spending, reports The New York Times.

According to the newspaper, letters were sent out in June. They, in particular, received the leaders of Germany, Belgium, Norway, Canada.

“As we have discussed this during your visit in April, the United States is growing frustrated due to the fact that some allies are not increased (defense spending), as promised” − are trump’s words from the letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The American leader also pointed out that the inadequate defense budgets have a negative impact on NATO’s security and provoke the allies of the Alliance to fulfill the promises, imitating the refused countries.

It is noted that similar language trump used in letters to the leaders of other NATO countries.

Earlier, the US President said that Germany and other European countries should spend more on the maintenance of the Alliance.

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