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Trump needs to arm Ukraine – The Wall Street Journal

Трамп должен вооружить Украину, – The Wall Street JournalThe U.S. President has the opportunity to arm Ukraine.

During his visit to Poland, scheduled for next week, trump will be able to confirm US interest in European security by giving weapons to Ukraine, which it urgently needed in the fight against Russian aggression.

This will give him an exceptional opportunity to secure American leadership and greatness, writes senior researcher at the Council on foreign relations USA Steve Blank for The Wall Street Journal.

The flights of Russian aircraft over the territory of Europe, the dangerous convergence of Russian aircraft and ships with air and naval forces of the USA and NATO, subversive actions on the elections in France, Germany, Holland, large-scale information war across Europe, as well as hacker attacks on the political system of the United States can be explained only by the fact that Vladimir Putin is confident in the conduct of the war with the West, the American expert says.

“Although Putin regularly praises trump, his actions indicate that he despises the American President and the US determination”, – stated in the article.

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Analyst USA notes that trump’s visit to Poland and his position regarding the willingness of the US to protect European security will be skeptical, but if you transfer weapons to Ukraine, with whom she will be able to counter the Russian threat (this radar serifs artillery, armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, secure equipment and communications equipment, reconnaissance drones, antilanding tools, such as the shallow mines, learning tools and exploration), it will help to deter Russian aggression and to strengthen American leadership in NATO.

The supply of arms to Ukraine will strengthen the credibility of American politics, it will strengthen American leadership and determination, I’m sure Blenk.

Moreover, it will signal to the world, and will, during the Reagan years, the real basis for future dialogue with Russia, deprived of the means of aggression. Public demonstration of assistance to Ukraine will also weaken the tension inside the country. Persistent criticism of trump will be forced to admit that he is opposed to Russia and defends American interests, says the author of the publication.

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“But the supply of weapons to Ukraine and strengthen NATO is not the end. Congress should expand and extend sanctions against Russia, but also to adopt a law on countering Russian information war. Probably the most effective way of increasing costs for Russia is to increase American energy exports to Europe”, – the expert continues.

Putin won’t like it, says the author, because his constant goal is to wreak havoc in the West and to weaken the influence of NATO on Russian borders. Paradoxically, he forces trump to play a more prominent role in Eastern Europe than he wants the American President. If Putin starts complaining about such actions, the trump must apply a simple and powerful message: you yourself are to blame.

“While in Warsaw, trump will get a rare opportunity to undertake the right thing and to demonstrate America’s greatness in action. For the sake of our European freedom he doesn’t have to lose” – concludes Blenk.

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